Trade shows are a major influence in fashion. They are for retailers that are forward thinking, inspiration seeking, and power wielding. With an unrivaled collection of top buyers and innovative designers, trade shows change the conversation. From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show has hundreds of benefits for your brand. Establishing a presence gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clientèle, and increasing your brand’s influence with the world’s most coveted buyers and marketers. 

A major element of BUTIK's marketing strategy is the participation in trade shows, providing designers and brands concentrated exposure to out-of-town buyers and press. BUTIK’s attendance at trade events as a group provides our retailers with a comprehensive package including registration, negotiations with show organizers, set-up and design of exhibition spaces, and of course, a sales staff with well established relationships. 


January 6-8 - Accessories The Show - New York
January 14-17 - Los Angeles Market Week

January 27-30 Las Vegas Gift
February 3-6 - NY NOW                                                

February 5-7 - Project - Vegas
February 25-27 - Coterie - New York


March 11-14 - Los Angeles Market Week

April 2-3 - SF Cala

April8-9 Denver Cala
June TBD - Accessories The Show - New York
June 17-20- Los Angeles Market Week


July TBD - Accessories The Show - New York
July 29 - August 1- Los Angeles Market Week
Aug 1TBD- Project - Vegas                                                                  Aug TBD - NY Now


TBD - Coterie - New York                                           
October 7-10 - Los Angeles Market Week 

November TBD - SF Cala

November TBD - Denver Cala



If you are a retailer, BUTIK will grant you access to the largest and most influential trade shows featuring brands from around the world.  Work with us to get registered here now.