Wildflower® cases is a new premium fashion iPhone accessory brand based out of Los Angeles, California and created by designer/mom, Michelle Carlson. 

Here’s their story...

After spending almost a year hand making studded jean shorts with floral fabrics, Michelle decided to take that concept to phone cases. She hand made the first two cases for her two daughters on Easter 2012 and then, one week later ran into Miley Cyrus at dinner while with her family. Devon (Michelle’s daughter) offered Miley a case and she absolutely loved it, then tweeted it and told Michelle she should make a website and start selling them. So Michelle did – that night – and named the company Wildflower, a name that represents girls with a free spirit and independence, to grow and survive anywhere (like Miley).

Since then the brand has exploded worldwide on social media with the trend seeking, fashion-forward 12 - 28+ female demographic. From major celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lucy Hale to popular YouTube beauty bloggers and trend setting girls worldwide, the brand has gained almost 500k organic followers and been exposed to over 10+ million social media/YouTube users. In addition, Wildflower fans interact with the brand daily on social media, resulting in approximately 66% consumer engagement.

Today Wildflower is 100% family run company. Michelle, her two daughters and her husband all work daily growing Wildflowers keeping up with the demand. In the future Wildflower plans to expand their brand into new categories.