Love Quotes

In an ever-changing world of fast fashion and fleeting trends, it’s more important than ever to invest in classic pieces that stand as timeless staples in your closet.

Love Quotes believes no wardrobe is complete without a luscious, light scarf.   Diverse enough with its curated fabrics and effortless styling to travel the globe from Urban Energy to Get-Away Escapes.

Love Quotes, a lifestyle Brand founded in New York City but never bound by NYC, transcends scarves as cold-weather use-only. Seasonless by design,  these scarves can cater to any winter wardrobe needs, while transitioning perfectly for vacations, travel, picnic throws, and beach days.

With endless versatility, it’s no surprise that Love Quotes scarves are a favorite among Hollywood’s biggest stars and can often be seen in major magazines and all facets of Social Media.

The perfect accessory doesn’t just have an impact on your style - it gives back. Love Quotes is committed to the idea of “Look good while doing good” by donating 10% of Net Profits to International Children’s Charities.