Jūratė is a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer who has been hand making jewelry for local boutiques and private clients since 2011. Jurate grew up in Lithuania, where, occupied by Russia during Jūratė’s early lifetime, design was almost non-existent. Glossy magazines were hard to come by, and even money didn’t give one access to the jewelry and clothes displayed in those pages. So Jurate began making the jewelry she coveted for herself at a young age, developing skills that later led to her talent as a jewelry maker.

In 2017, Jurate partnered with SoCal native and successful entrepreneur Johnna Green, whose enthusiasm and business acumen has taken Jurate Brown Jewelry to the next level. With two young daughters ages five and seven, Johnna articulated a need in the market for quality, stylish jewelry that kids love and mom’s appreciate. And thus, their “Mini Me” collection, with matching adult-child sets, was born.

Now, with the launch of their Trend, JB Mini, and Fine Jewelry lines, Jūratė and Johnna introduce Jurate’s unique perspective and talent to the world.