What inspires your vision and identity for Child of Wild?

The conception for my company came right after I graduated college. My major was Humanities, and through courses on Theology, Art History, and Philosophy, I was exposed to the vivid diversity of cultures and thought. I wanted a highly researched website full of interesting and rare jewelry, each piece having a historic and cultural relevance, as well as giving these nomadic artists credit for their work. For our "New Culture" section, we search out artists who have a strong artistic direction, sustainable practices and hand-create their pieces. We love our Butik Showroom brands: Five & Two and CAM, for their modern take on style. Both their minimal and simplistic details reflect current trends of today!

What is your favorite aspect of being a retailer?

The freedom! We get to try out different trends and designs at our own free will. When we find a new jewelry designer or a rad vintage piece, we have the freedom to tell the complete story to the customer. We get to be the curators of our own collections and get to style and photograph with only our customers interest in mind. 

What is your favorite category to buy and where do you do most of your buying?

I am a sucker for a good ring stack! I love an eclectic hand full of metal, both vintage and new. Each one can tell an individual story, but then collectively they can also represent your personal story. I love natural stones and high-quality metals. We started our business based on vintage, Native American jewelry. I have since found sources all over the world that have the same integrity and meaning for their jewelry. I search high and low looking for interesting and unique jewelry. We have traveled as far as Istanbul, Turkey to meet with artists to purchase and learn from. 

What is the most unexpected thing about you?

I am OBSESSED with tiny things. In my desk drawer I have a collection of miniature cacti, a tiny Vishnu, the smallest little baby feather you have EVER seen and many... many more. It's often a gift from my employees of friends. 



At Butik, we LOVE to love. There’s no one way to express it - and that’s what so rad about it. In honor of the infinite ways to love one another, and yourself, we’ve curated a collection of v-day ready styles. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic ready for a super sweet v-day with roses, chocolates, and balloons, or you’ll be at home watching old movies with your roommates a few bottles of wine deep - we got you. 








Spring Trend Alert - Statement Necklaces

There are three key necklace trends you should be buying this Spring/Summer season - Oversized chokers, multi-layered and statement necklaces.  

Choker mania is still alive this spring season!   On the runway we saw chunky metallic chokers from Balmain, Loewes chunky gold chains, and Chanel’s pearled embellished chokers, and many more from designers Saint Laurent, Oscar De de la Renta, and Fendi. Chokers are now seen in so many different forms - choker necklaces, textured - fur, pearled, embroidered, chunky metals, dainty chains…the list goes on.  

Last year dainty chain layering hit the scene - this season we're going to see much more of that. Multi-layering chokers and necklaces with tiers of embellishments, charms, and chunky chains. On the runway Moschino showed chunky chains layered with pearls and large alphabet letters across the neck.  Alexander McQueen showcased the chunky choker with tiers and layers upon layers attached.  

Bold statement necklaces made a splash on the runways and we are loving it!  After years of the dainty, barely there jewelry, it’s refreshing to see eye catching pendants, in obscure shapes and sizes.  As seen at Valentino, Gucci, Moschino, and Dries Van Noten - large scale metal pendants in gemstones, florals, pearls, and metallic shapes were seen.  Vogue reported, “ The past few seasons have been dominated by the choker, but the sautoir - or long necklace - has made a bold comeback.” It’s a fresh direction for Spring/summer, and one we can’t wait to try.  

Our designers are always at the forefront of these trends.  Email your rep today to place your SS17 orders! 

Heather Kahn - Q&A

What made you want to be an entrepreneur

I have always had a creative outlet in some form, turning my designs into a business was something that fell into place as the next step.

Biggest fear in getting started

Being able to stay organized.

Who / what inspires you the most

My two boys & music

Best advise for aspiring designers

When it comes to making a big decision, go with your gut

Most unexpected thing about yourself

Sometimes I break out into a tap dance


The White Helmets

Also known as the Syria Civil Defense, the White Helmets are a group of volunteers based in Syria, who rush to victims' aid when disaster strikes. So far, the group has saved more than 73,500 lives. The rescue workers' bravery earned them a Nobel Peace Prize nomination this year. Donations to the White Helmets' Hero Fund support wounded rescuers and families of victims and go toward purchasing rescue equipment.


Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is a trusted heath care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive heath care, sex education and information to millions of women, men and young people worldwide.


The Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is the largest grassroots environmental organization in the country and works to protect million of acres of wilderness and pass legislations like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. 



WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. With WE Charity, we empower domestic and international change - and with ME to WE, a social enterprise, we create socially conscious products and experiences that allow people to do good through their everyday choices. 


Farm Sanctuary

The Farm Sanctuary mission is to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals and promote compassionate vegan living. 


New Years Eve Ready

New Year’s Eve is all about the details! Not only do you have to plan your night, your outfit, and make sure that champagne glass is full seconds before midnight— we could go on and on.  Your choice of jewels is no different. Whether you’re going out or staying in, your jewel game should be on point.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read below and we guarantee you’ll sparkle brighter than the fireworks in the sky.

We look to Karen London for their jewel tone beauties, sourced from all over the world, for that rich pop of color.  Wanderlust + Co is known for their stacking rings and will make your new mani shimmer. Bring in all the good vibes with CAM’s Chakra pendants and gold layering chains. Make a bold statement with Elle Louise’s semi precious stones and chunky chains.  Feel magical with Five and Two’s handcrafted ethereal crystals and dainty layering necklaces.  For those of you looking to shine bright like a diamond, we have May Martin Fine on deck!

We want you look and feel great this New Year!  Email your rep today for any questions, recommendations, and orders! XO



Creative Services at Butik

Butik has gone full-throttle with design services and we couldn’t be having more fun. Indulging in photoshoots, ‘gramming, facebooking, pinning, web design - you name it, we’re doing it! It’s no secret that social media and web presence hold the key to success for full brand exposure and intimate consumer engagement. With our 15+ years of experience in doing sales, we can definitely say we’re experts in what we do: When it comes to fashion, we know what the people want!  The Butik aesthetic has been nurtured and curated for over a decade, and we’re thrilled to be able to share this insight and design direction with our incredible clients.  

In this post we've included some adorable behind the scenes boomerangs from our last shoot featuring Souchi, Christina Lehr, and Corey Lynn Calter. Be sure to check out their IG's to see all of the amazing creative content they're generating! 

Souchi | @souchigram
A boutique inspired by the mountains and the streets

Christina Lehr | @christinalehr
Thoughtful designs. Superior fabrics. Classic style.

Corey Lynn Calter | @coreylynncalter
For the girl who isn't afraid to wear Pajamas in public



What inspires your vision and identity for the store?

I am totally inspired by music, art and fashion - especially NYC in the late 1970's. Icons like Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hyde, musicians like Patti Smith and the New York Dolls - I love the energy and glamorous grit.

What is your favorite aspect of being a retailer?

I love my customers! It is something I never thought of too much when I decided I was going to open the shop - but I have met some truly amazing and inspiring people! It has brought some fun collaborations my way too!

What is your favorite category to buy and where do you do most of your buying?

LOVE buying jewelry - rings especially! I think I love picking out jewelry so much because it's one thing I don't make.

I do most of my buying in NYC, at trade shows, showrooms and from independent designers. I also go to Paris once or twice a year to check out what is going on.

What is the most unexpected thing about you?

That I've googled "Can you be addicted to cheese?" Haha! The answer is yes, incase you are wondering...

Line and Label stocks Five and Two, Karen London, Bauxo, Elle Louise, CAM, The2Bandits and Wolf Circus

Check out Line and Label next time you're in Greenpoint, Brooklyn!

Thanksgiving is almost here

Need help finding last minute recipes for the holidays? Leave it to the creatives to come up with the best recipes! We reached out to our talented designers to see what they cook up for the holidays - and we are very thankful for the delicious dishes they shared with us. Nothing alleviates the gripping anxiety of family functions like a table spread of trendy vegetarian plates. Staying true to the Butik mission of spreading love and great aesthetics, we are excited to share with you these good-looking and great tasting holiday recipes! 

You don't need to jump through hoops to be on trend

It’s no secret that hoops are the next biggest thing - and when we say biggest, we really mean BIG. Statement earrings are a must have this season - Our ears were needing a frosty finish to compliment the cold shoulder trend which reigned the summer season. Our necklace stories and stacked up rings are fabulous, but it’s time to add some glam to our earlobes. The Zoe Report claims hoops are back (even though we think they never left. Read more about the hoops that suit every style here) and also notes that sculptural statement earrings are the next level of ear adornment (more on that article here). At Butik, we have no shortage of amazing jewelry, including this exciting ear trend. We’ve curated a selection of our favorite bold hoops and ear stories. Shop now by emailing your rep! 



Retailer spotlight: BLANKA

What inspires your vision and identity for the store?

My vision for the store is truly inspired by my passion for styling women in ways that help them see and connect with their true beauty and unique look. I carry a large assortment of styles that work on various body types and for many different lifestyles. I do my buying with my customers in mind- who range a lot in age, shape, size, and preferences. 

The store is really focused on a personal styling experience and I believe that we offer a lot of value to all of our customers because we are a team of stylists, not just sales associates. With my background in Image consulting and Personal styling and Shopping I have an intense training program for all my stylists so they are equipped to offer consistent and creative advice for each and everyone who walks in our door !

What is your favorite aspect of being a retailer?

I really love curating our collections for our amazing customers… it’s so fun to do all the buying and shopping and then bring the collections in store to show our wonderful customers… I love bringing something special and unique to the marketplace. It’s all very exciting and meaningful to me. Creating and Sharing BEAUTY. It’s my passion in this life!

What is your favorite category to buy and where do you do most of your buying?

My favorite category to buy are dresses- 100%! It’s so hard to find a dress that suites your occasion, your body type, the feeling you want to feel while wearing it, and isn’t out of your budget! Dresses are such a work of art and so I love curating a beautiful collection for the ladies of Santa Barbara County and beyond! I do most of my buying right here in Los Angeles and went to NEW York to do buying for the first time this year! I plan to go to Europe in the next couple years to find even more beautiful things for my beautiful customers :)

What is the most unexpected thing about you?

I believe this life is much deeper than what meets the eye, which may be a weird combination for someone who is in a very tangible and physical industry like fashion… However, I believe that beauty begins within, and that clothing is an opportunity to see oneself with new eyes, and express the growing beauty that is within. My passion is to not just dress people, it’s to help people discover themselves and the light that is within them. Clothing is a tool to do so! 



Holiday Gift Guide

"With last chance for holiday orders, our designers have geared up their gift shops for immediate deliveries. All next week, Butik will be rolling out our designer gift guides… and everything can ship ASAP! For the vegan and natural home goods that everybody will love, check out commentary apothecary. Perfect layering necklaces go to five and two, chic chokers magic and madness, and Bella Hadid x Mr T chains of course to CAM. Iphone 7 cases from Wildflower Cases are the perfect gift, as well as the best jewels and gems around from Karen London. Holiday hair accessories are of course Kitsch, and gifts with a cause from Me to We. Organic, raw beauty and supple leather pieces from Bauxo, and beautiful vintage textiles from Sought & Found. No need to head out west to get the perfect gift for your boho babe with The2Bandits. The perfectly packaged trend watch from Rumba Time, and unique crystal pieces from Elle LouiseWolf circus has bold & beautiful gift sets for everyone, and last but not least, your favorite bits & pieces from the australian based brand, Wanderlust +Cotheir holiday packaging is too good”


What made you want to be an entrepreneur

I learnt pretty early on in life that I seemed to look at things differently to my friends and I also didn’t mind a challenge. So for me starting a company and making my own future felt natural.

Biggest fear in getting started

Wow, where do I begin! Starting a company has been the most rewarding yet challenging experience of my life. I would say almost every new aspect of the business has had its own set of fears and challenges, and as long as we are growing there will always be new fears and challenges we face.

Who / what inspires you the most

Traveling! I try to take a trip each year I find they reboot your body and inspire my mind.

Best advise for aspiring designers

To make sure you smell the roses! In such a fast paced industry it’s easy to find yourself always looking ahead and never around at what you have worked so hard to create. I make sure I stop every now and again and appreciate where we have come from and what we have achieved so far.

Most unexpected thing about yourself

After starting Elle Louise I have realized how determined I am as a person. I am always trying to push myself to the next level, whether that be in business or personal.

Wolf Circus - Q&A

What made you want to be an entrepreneur

The idea of becoming my own boss is what initially inspired my decision to pursue this path. I feel very humbled to be able to take ownership over my projects and express my passions through work.... not to mention being able to take a few extra days off for an impromptu hike or surf trip with my girls doesn't hurt either!

Biggest fear in getting started

I think failure would be the easy and most common answer for any entrepreneur. Although, I started Wolf Circus when I was 21 and think that is a fearless age where you truly believe anything is possible plus... I was living with my parents at the time so that helped as well. No one should lose that fearless attitude.

Who / what inspires you the most

Honestly, my everyday surroundings are what inspired me the most. I fell in love with the art of people watching at Tully's Coffee when I was living in Soldermalm, Stockholm. The most random things can spark ideas for me. 

Best advise for aspiring designers

Firstly just start and take the risk. Starting a business and trail + error is so culturally accepted now that failure shouldn't be a fear. Also in business do what you say you're going to do and hold yourself accountable.

Most unexpected thing about yourself

Skilled kayaker... and I can make a mean excel spreadsheet. 

The New Jewelry Trend of the season

How to Layer Necklaces via The Zoe Report

Brands like Five and Two and CAM have been killing the gold layer chain game for months now - and it won’t stop! Five and Two’s Mila necklace was just featured on The Zoe Report. Amy Lee reported "For many months now, every It-girl imaginable has been rocking the ’90s-inspired black-ribbon choker in heavy rotation with both day and night ensembles. However, with any popular trend comes the point of exhaustion and the need for a fresh update as we enter a new season. Thankfully we’ve been seeing a shift toward a daintier iteration—layers of lightweight gold chains in varying lengths for a glimmering, cascading look that reads feminine and refined with a hint of sexy. Ahead, how to create four stunning combinations just right for fall—or right now.”  Article here!