What made you want to be an entrepreneur

I started my first business at 22 and have been a serial entrepreneur ever since. Although I also had a successful career path in finance, the entrepreneurial ventures are where my passion and creativity flourish. I love waking up everyday to tackle the challenges at hand, coming up with creative solutions, and going to bed knowing that I’m one step closer to my goal.  As a single mom, I also deeply appreciate the flexibility entrepreneurship offers!

Biggest fear in getting started

As a new brand, the biggest fear is always that your brand doesn’t resonate with your audience. Fortunately, the reception to Capsul so far has been overwhelmingly positive!

Who / what inspires you the most

I’m most inspired by other creative talents and entrepreneurs that solve real world problems and give back to the community such as Mark Zuckerberg, Angelina Jolie, and Warren Buffett.

Best advise for aspiring designers

Establish your brand mission and core brand values first. Design accordingly.

Most unexpected thing about yourself

People are most surprised to find that i was a nightclub owner and that I’m a gourmet home chef.