New Brand Alert: Jonesy Wood

What made you want to be an entrepreneur

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and luckily I’m married to one as well so it just felt natural. I also enjoy the freedom to create designs and my own schedule. Having 3 little ones back to back made it difficult to have a 9-5er which made me fall in to the jewelry business.

Biggest fear in getting started

Hoping people will like my designs and proving to myself that I can do this while managing a household.

Who / what inspires you the most

Traveling and meeting unique human beings inspire my designs: the colors, the textures, the ‘lost in translation’ feeling of being in a different country. We LOVE to travel!

My three little girls inspire me to be a better momand wife but I mostly want to show them that if you work really hard at something you love then you can be successful at anything.

Best advise for aspiring designers

Believe in yourself and your designs, follow your heart and work hard. It will eventually pay off!

Most unexpected thing about yourself

I had 3 home births