What inspires your vision and identity for Child of Wild?

The conception for my company came right after I graduated college. My major was Humanities, and through courses on Theology, Art History, and Philosophy, I was exposed to the vivid diversity of cultures and thought. I wanted a highly researched website full of interesting and rare jewelry, each piece having a historic and cultural relevance, as well as giving these nomadic artists credit for their work. For our "New Culture" section, we search out artists who have a strong artistic direction, sustainable practices and hand-create their pieces. We love our Butik Showroom brands: Five & Two and CAM, for their modern take on style. Both their minimal and simplistic details reflect current trends of today!

What is your favorite aspect of being a retailer?

The freedom! We get to try out different trends and designs at our own free will. When we find a new jewelry designer or a rad vintage piece, we have the freedom to tell the complete story to the customer. We get to be the curators of our own collections and get to style and photograph with only our customers interest in mind. 

What is your favorite category to buy and where do you do most of your buying?

I am a sucker for a good ring stack! I love an eclectic hand full of metal, both vintage and new. Each one can tell an individual story, but then collectively they can also represent your personal story. I love natural stones and high-quality metals. We started our business based on vintage, Native American jewelry. I have since found sources all over the world that have the same integrity and meaning for their jewelry. I search high and low looking for interesting and unique jewelry. We have traveled as far as Istanbul, Turkey to meet with artists to purchase and learn from. 

What is the most unexpected thing about you?

I am OBSESSED with tiny things. In my desk drawer I have a collection of miniature cacti, a tiny Vishnu, the smallest little baby feather you have EVER seen and many... many more. It's often a gift from my employees of friends.