What inspires your vision and identity for GUNNARHAUS?

 My vision for GUNNARHAUS comes from a lifelong quest for finding the beauty in all aspects of life. I have always been hyper attentive to design and aesthetic quality. My mother is a complete interior decorating genius who always surrounded our family with beauty and the appreciation for all that encompasses art and design. My early exposure to the creation of beauty and the influence it can have on people led me to create GUNNARHAUS.

The identity of the site comes from my desire to bring attention back to the intersection of craftsmanship and style. I have been very turned off by the disaster that is fast-fashion. Over consumption of cheap, disposable clothing is a detriment to our earth, closets and pocketbooks. I value being able to offer an alternative. On the site, we stock mostly American Made goods for Women, Men and the home. We also have a large selection of Organic clothing, hand forged artistic accessories and even some leather and home items made in our very own studios!

We work hard to maintain an ecommerce boutique that gives people of like minds a place to shop quality, curated goods from the comfort of wherever they are. 

What is your favorite aspect of being a retailer? 

There are so many types of art, and to me, fashion is my preferred method of artistic expression. Making a living off of a craft is a difficult thing to do in this day and age of technology. My favorite part of being a retailer is being able to bring designers art into view of a greater audience, and in that way, support their art, creativity and livelihood.

What is your favorite category to buy and where do you do most of your buying?

After spending many years wholesaling contemporary women’s apparel, the category can sometimes feel like it is ALL business. Accessories and home goods on the other hand, have a special sparkle to me and really get my juices flowing! My goal is to always keep evolving in a way that at least one category can remain entirely inspiring. 

The jewelry I carry on the site is sourced exclusively from Butik or working directly with small unrepresented designers who I find through research online or who I meet in person at art shows and Maker focused events

What is the most unexpected thing about you?

While I do work in a creative field, I am actually extremely “Type A” in a way that helps balance out my creative tendencies. I am thankful of this at times, but also can be driven batty by my inability to let things lie as they are! The personality combo proves exhausting at times, but helps to push me along as I build my own business!