1. What made you want to be an entrepreneur? 

I’ve had a few other careers but none lit a fire under my butt as much as working for myself. When I am motivated I can work forever and enjoy it. When I was working for someone else the hours dragged on.  I love the idea that I get all the glory and bare the burden of all the blame.

2. Biggest fear in getting started

How about what are my fears every day! My fear daily is just putting yourself out there. So much of designing is exposing your heart and soul to the world for judgment and that’s terrifying.  However, on the flip side that is also the most rewarding because when people react positively you feel such a deep affection for them.

3. Who / what inspires you the most? 

My sisters are a huge inspiration to me. All of them are artists in different fields and we work as a collective to inspire and motivate each other. It’s amazing how no matter what aspect of art or fashion you work in all the struggles are the same and thus we are able to constantly stretch and emotionally support each other.

4. Best advice for aspiring designers? 

Work a million times harder than you think you have to. Getting your art to reach an audience is a job that never rests, so find inspiration within all your daily tasks to keep yourself motivated.

5. Most unexpected thing about yourself?

I am OBSESSED with learning. I’ll learn anything and everything. As my team knows I am fully capable of practicing my Spanish while working out. I am a psycho about it.