What made you want to be an entrepreneur

Oh wow, this is a tough one! I am excited about the idea of creating beautiful things for an audience, with a positive messaging. To create pieces that will not only look good with outfits, but will also enhance their lifestyle. It is also very inspiring to be able to tell stories for the brand with each collection, and continue to craft what the brand stands for.

Biggest fear in getting started

Fashion is a fickle industry. It makes it exciting but daunting at the same time. It is an incredibly competitive industry and you have to be committed, ready to run the hard and long yards. There are so many reasons to not begin, but also so may amazing ones to just start today! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is to turn mistakes into lessons and learnings, and take wins and build more upon them. Then be ready to go to bed every night, and start again tomorrow without losing your sense of magic.

Who / what inspires you the most

Talent, strength and compassion inspire me most. It’s such a beautiful combination that is present in most successful men and women. Be it entrepreneurs, philanthropists, mothers, world leaders, CEOs or talk show hosts (Hello Oprah!)

Best advise for aspiring designers

Be passionate. Love hard. Never give up. Be tenacious, always. And if you ever find yourself lost of tired, find a quiet beautiful place to recharge – be it a morning stroll, a run at the beach, or a cuddle with your dog or child! And always dust yourself after any mishaps, believe and keep going

Most unexpected thing about yourself

Most people think I have a really healthy diet but I really don’t! I love pasta, pizza, burgers, dumplings, all things French (!) and all the amazing yumminess in life that is basically NOT super healthy. In saying that, I’m not a massive junk food fiend but I definitely can’t survive on juicing and kale alone :)