Time To RumbA!

Q&a - rumbatime

What made you want to be an entrepreneur

The desire to build and share something awesome on your own terms.

Biggest fear in getting started

Jay and I probably didn't know enough to realize how many fears we should have had :)  You just have to go for it one action at a time, it's a slow grind. 

Who / what inspires you the most

Old wisdom, particularly Seneca and Montaigne, mountains - preferably riding them on my mtb, the ocean and surfing, music of all types, the sensibility of Robert Irwin with respect to light and design.

Best advise for aspiring designers

Don't worry about what other people are doing - have confidence in your own perspective.

Most unexpected thing about yourself

I'm not a big sports fan but I love Kentucky basketball, they get you when you are young!

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