Creative Services at Butik

Butik has gone full-throttle with design services and we couldn’t be having more fun. Indulging in photoshoots, ‘gramming, facebooking, pinning, web design - you name it, we’re doing it! It’s no secret that social media and web presence hold the key to success for full brand exposure and intimate consumer engagement. With our 15+ years of experience in doing sales, we can definitely say we’re experts in what we do: When it comes to fashion, we know what the people want!  The Butik aesthetic has been nurtured and curated for over a decade, and we’re thrilled to be able to share this insight and design direction with our incredible clients.  

In this post we've included some adorable behind the scenes boomerangs from our last shoot featuring Souchi, Christina Lehr, and Corey Lynn Calter. Be sure to check out their IG's to see all of the amazing creative content they're generating! 

Souchi | @souchigram
A boutique inspired by the mountains and the streets

Christina Lehr | @christinalehr
Thoughtful designs. Superior fabrics. Classic style.

Corey Lynn Calter | @coreylynncalter
For the girl who isn't afraid to wear Pajamas in public