Retailer spotlight: BLANKA

What inspires your vision and identity for the store?

My vision for the store is truly inspired by my passion for styling women in ways that help them see and connect with their true beauty and unique look. I carry a large assortment of styles that work on various body types and for many different lifestyles. I do my buying with my customers in mind- who range a lot in age, shape, size, and preferences. 

The store is really focused on a personal styling experience and I believe that we offer a lot of value to all of our customers because we are a team of stylists, not just sales associates. With my background in Image consulting and Personal styling and Shopping I have an intense training program for all my stylists so they are equipped to offer consistent and creative advice for each and everyone who walks in our door !

What is your favorite aspect of being a retailer?

I really love curating our collections for our amazing customers… it’s so fun to do all the buying and shopping and then bring the collections in store to show our wonderful customers… I love bringing something special and unique to the marketplace. It’s all very exciting and meaningful to me. Creating and Sharing BEAUTY. It’s my passion in this life!

What is your favorite category to buy and where do you do most of your buying?

My favorite category to buy are dresses- 100%! It’s so hard to find a dress that suites your occasion, your body type, the feeling you want to feel while wearing it, and isn’t out of your budget! Dresses are such a work of art and so I love curating a beautiful collection for the ladies of Santa Barbara County and beyond! I do most of my buying right here in Los Angeles and went to NEW York to do buying for the first time this year! I plan to go to Europe in the next couple years to find even more beautiful things for my beautiful customers :)

What is the most unexpected thing about you?

I believe this life is much deeper than what meets the eye, which may be a weird combination for someone who is in a very tangible and physical industry like fashion… However, I believe that beauty begins within, and that clothing is an opportunity to see oneself with new eyes, and express the growing beauty that is within. My passion is to not just dress people, it’s to help people discover themselves and the light that is within them. Clothing is a tool to do so!