Wolf Circus - Q&A

What made you want to be an entrepreneur

The idea of becoming my own boss is what initially inspired my decision to pursue this path. I feel very humbled to be able to take ownership over my projects and express my passions through work.... not to mention being able to take a few extra days off for an impromptu hike or surf trip with my girls doesn't hurt either!

Biggest fear in getting started

I think failure would be the easy and most common answer for any entrepreneur. Although, I started Wolf Circus when I was 21 and think that is a fearless age where you truly believe anything is possible plus... I was living with my parents at the time so that helped as well. No one should lose that fearless attitude.

Who / what inspires you the most

Honestly, my everyday surroundings are what inspired me the most. I fell in love with the art of people watching at Tully's Coffee when I was living in Soldermalm, Stockholm. The most random things can spark ideas for me. 

Best advise for aspiring designers

Firstly just start and take the risk. Starting a business and trail + error is so culturally accepted now that failure shouldn't be a fear. Also in business do what you say you're going to do and hold yourself accountable.

Most unexpected thing about yourself

Skilled kayaker... and I can make a mean excel spreadsheet.