What made you want to be an entrepreneur

I learnt pretty early on in life that I seemed to look at things differently to my friends and I also didn’t mind a challenge. So for me starting a company and making my own future felt natural.

Biggest fear in getting started

Wow, where do I begin! Starting a company has been the most rewarding yet challenging experience of my life. I would say almost every new aspect of the business has had its own set of fears and challenges, and as long as we are growing there will always be new fears and challenges we face.

Who / what inspires you the most

Traveling! I try to take a trip each year I find they reboot your body and inspire my mind.

Best advise for aspiring designers

To make sure you smell the roses! In such a fast paced industry it’s easy to find yourself always looking ahead and never around at what you have worked so hard to create. I make sure I stop every now and again and appreciate where we have come from and what we have achieved so far.

Most unexpected thing about yourself

After starting Elle Louise I have realized how determined I am as a person. I am always trying to push myself to the next level, whether that be in business or personal.